Our Band Members

Eddie Powell

Started playing the guitar during the summer of 1966 and then learned to play a Fender Combo Organ.  During High School I can remember playing for $25 and splitting it 5 ways, a humble beginning. Through the years in and out of bands playing top 40's I'm back to playing Jesus music and I have been a praise and worship leader playing the keyboards, drums, bass guitar and vocals.  Made a CD in 2006 called Sacrifice and have remixed some of the songs and added them to our current list of songs in Thessalonas.  When playing for Jesus there is a difference, you enjoy the Holy Spirit's presence and anointing, it's our goal to be a blessing, that our songs be healing and salvation for everyone who receives what our Lord Jesus is giving.

Jim Hughes

My oldest memory singing was at five when I’d swing and jive along with Elvis doing “Hound Dog” on the radio while my mom was ironing clothes down in the basement. The first songs on guitar I learned were “Here Comes The Sun” and “Take It Easy” in 1972. The first song I wrote, “Take Me Back” was written in 1974; and then with a few changes became my first Christian song after getting saved on July 27, 1975. I’ve been involved with leading church worship services ever since. Eddie and I have been on the same worship team for over 10 years, and formed the band Thessalonas in October, 2011. Our concerts consist of the twelve songs on our first album, Meet The Lord In The Air. We already have five songs recorded, with four of them on YouTube. Singing, playing guitar and writing songs are the passion of my life. I have been so blessed and I just want to be a good steward of the Lord’s talents by multiplying what he has given me by giving out to others.